Eclipse jet Yes! We lend on the Eclipse!

Rates in the mid 5's, personal use or business

Falcon, a favorite for 135 operators

121 and 135 operations typically utilize our lease/purchase program due to the tax savings

Lear 60, a favorite for Air Ambulance

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Eclipse Jets

1Eclipse- we offer loans on the original Eclipse, the Total Eclipse and the new 550. Rates from 5.3%, LTV of 50-75%, amortization periods of 5-12 years

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Older Jets and Turboprops

2Loans and/or lease purchase may be available depending upon the nature of the operation and type ownership. Individuals are eligible only for our loan program. Part 121 and 135 are typically eligible only for our lease to own program (with some exceptions)

Bizjet Difference

3Our niche is financing those jets, turboprops and flight operations from which the big banks shy away. Our rates for older jets range from 4%-7%. We can finance personal use, business use, or commercial use (part 121, 135 Air Ambulance, etc).

What’s the Lease program?

4Our lease-to-own program is available only to business entities. The program is designed for the business to own the aircraft upon lease termination. We offer $1 buyouts and 10% FMV. Terms are typically 60 months; up to 100% of the purchase price may be financed; refinance transactions (sale/leaseback) will not typically trigger recapture of depreciation if the amount financed does not exceed the present loan amount.

This program offers significant tax advantages over a loan and is suitable for part 121, 135, air ambulance, or part 91 business use